Passing Trains features Express, Freight and Local Trains that approach, pass, stop and pull out. The recordings took place at several spots in Saxon Switzerland near Dresden.
Due to the reflections in the valley some of the included takes have amazing long tails of more than 3 minutes.

Passing Trains is organised into 6 categories:
Approaches and Stops * Express Trains * Freight Trains * Local Trains * Locomotives * Close Miking – some impressive noises where Lavs & Contacts were attached directly at the rail.

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announcing trains these days….

announcing trains these days….

Electromagnetic ReFill is an exciting collection of Combinators and instrument patches that source their sounds from the noises of computers upon booting, reading from CD-ROM, accessing WiFi, formatting hard disks or floppies.
All these often unwanted and disturbing noises where captured with a variety of contact microphones and induction coils that revealed a deep look into the streams of electrons and bits.
But once pulled to daylight it shows that these serenades of hums and crosstalks have far more potential than just producing a wall of buzz. So a good amount of the sourced sounds are even capable of forming tunable sounds, rhythmic structures and sophisticated beat patterns.
Including 70 Combinators that are built up of 198 subpatches with access to more than 150 samples Electromagnetic addresses to sound designers and composers likewise.
The chromatically mapped “All-Combinators” provide an instant overview of the source material but at the same time they invite for thrilling explorations of what is going on noise-wise in everybodies computer.
The “Autorun” Combinators offer exciting patterns that reside at the borderline between rhythmic structure and otherworldly soundscapes.
The “Beat and Bass” section hosts beefy bass sounds and synched drum patterns that lay the foundation of rock solid IDM tracks. Beat and Bass also contains two fully staffed Kong Kits with single hits that range from versatile to funny.
The “Boots and Drones” Combinators are the perfect starting point for background layers whenever it comes to the scoring of thrilling moods, eerie ambiences or depressing atmospheres.
Once having mastered this dark area of sound fields there is still the “Keys and Pads” section to discover. This is the right place where a selection of lovely keyboards and evolving pads is awaiting deployment.

Now availabe in Universal Formats! Load your Piano into #Kontakt, #Halion, #Directwave, #Reason, #Dimension or nearly any other sofware #sampler of your choice!